Georgia became known settlers since 1730 after British settlers lead by James Oglethorpe. The name Georgia came from George II of Great Britain. Modern Atlanta was built around the biggest local
employment makers like Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS, Home Depots, which helped labor movements to Atlanta region. Majority of today’s settlers are from north east, high paying jobs and low cost of living was the
attraction for the migrants.

Knanaya migration to the west started in early 1960, but the migrants were mainly concentrating the north east of US and Chicago for many practical reasons. Since 1970 Kerala Catholics started to move to Atlanta region, but Knanya migration started since1980 when Koovakada family moved to Atlanta. Olympics held in 1996 put Atlanta in limelight and propelled many knanaya migration to the region
especially from New York, Phidalaphia and Chicago area. Atlanta had about 29 knanaya families by 1999 and they started to meet once in a month at their residence. The community wanted to stay strong in their catholic believes and knanaya identity and this led to the formation of Knanaya catholic Association of Georgia, better known as KCAG in May 20, 2000. The community made use of nearby Latin churches
for the sacramental needs and made use of services of by Rev. Fr. Jospeh Mullakara. Chicago Syro Malabar dioceses was established in march 13, 2001 and in 2003 a Syro Malabar mission was established in Loganville and in 2006 it became a St. Alphonsa church. Our people were integral part of the both St.Alphonsa mission and church.

Knanya community is originally is church based community. Knanaya people in all across USA also started missions to fulfill both ecclesiastical needs and community solidarity and formed a Knanya region based out of Chicago. Kananya community in Atlanta started to grow in numbers and understood the needs of own mission and services of knanya priests to keep their traditions and their own identity. Knanaya region director Fr. Abraham Mutholoth and then the KCCNA spiritual director, Fr. Thomas Animoottil took special interest and with the help of KCAG executives, a mission was established here in Atlanta. His excellency Mar. Jacob Angadiathu, bishop of Syro Malalabar dioceses announced Holy Family Knanaya Catholic mission in Aug 15th, 2008 and appointed Fr. Stanly Edathiparambil as its first mission director. The services were held at nearby St. Oliver church, Elk club, Brookwood high school, and Berkmer High school. Services included regular Sunday Holy mass and Sunday school for children. The mission was formally inaugurated by Fr. Abraham Mutholoth on Sept 20, 2008. Need for an own place became evident and members started to share and ultimately purchased 5 acre land and a church for $45,000 at 3885 Rosebud Rd, Loganville. The church was consecrated on April 04, 2009 by Mar Jacob Angadiathu along with Fr. Abraham Mutholoth, Msgr. Jacob Vellian and Fr. Roy Kaduppil along with several priests. Holy Family Knanaya Catholich church was the second church in the knanaya region and Fr. Stanly Edathiparambil was its vicar, indeed it was a joyous and proud moment for all the Knanayites here in
Atlanta. Fr. Stanly moved on to San Jose mission in June 2010 after his faithful service to community, Fr. Abi Vadakekara (Jul 01, 2010 to Oct, 2011 ), Fr. Dominic Madathikulathil (Nov 01, 2011 to Oct, 2014), Fr. Jemy Puthuseril (Oct 18, 2014 to Apr 30, 2018) led and served to blossom to its potential. A new rectory building was built under the leadership of Fr. Jemy Puthuseril in 2015 and blessed on Jan 31st 2016 by Mar Jacob Angadiathu along with Fr. Thomas Mulavanal (Director of Knanaya region). Community participated wholeheartedly in many construction projects like Rectory building, Children’s Park,
modification of the front side of the church. Fr. Boban Vattampurath is current vicar of the church since May 01, 2018 and church is growing as a faith community to the next level by the intersection of Holy
family and by the leadership of our current vicar, Fr, Boban Vattampurath. Our church through our priests have helped every one to grow in faith through sacraments, feast celebrations, retreats, seminars and theological teachings, and when laity organization provided unconditional support, our church community has become a model to other knannaya communities in USA. Our growth over the decade was immersive, we have built rectory valued around $130,000, we have a CCD program with little over 65 children and 16 teachers, 8 active koodarayogams, a Dharsanam community, Vincet de-Paul society, Men’s and Women’s forum, vibrant adult and children choir ministry and an association which complements the community growth. We have been conducting annual retreats, youth summits, feasts of Holy family and St. Jude, various youth ministry activities for the spiritual growth of parishioners.